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Rotary emblems for Print
(all of the below executed in Postscript or converted from this format)

Don't forget to mention the source and credit line. Thank you!

Problems downloading these images?
Follow these simple instructions: Occationally some people experience that they "only get a lot of Code" when trying to downlad these images. This code is in fact Postscript (the graphic "image" defined as vector description code) and nothing to be alarmed about. Instead, try hold down THE OTHER mousebutton when you download (click on the link with the cursor).
This should give you a "Save as" option and take you around the code problem (on PC) and produce a EPS-document.
Hold down the Option button and click on the Graphic you wish to save (Mac)
From these hi-res graphics you are able to produce a suitable graphic in the resolution of your choice.

Please note
These graphics have been saved in a generic EPS format. I have tested them on the most common software (Adobe, Corel) and they should open without problems. Please remember that Microsoft Word processing software is NOT suitable for professional layout work and any attempts in that direction cannot guarantee accepable results (or mercy from your local print shop)
Color separated Blue & Gold (for Macintosh)
Color separated Blue & Gold (for PC)
Color separated Blue & Yellow (for Macintosh)
Color separated Blue & Yellow (for PC)
Rotary logo in Color (for Macintosh) (2 flat colours Pantone)
Rotary logo in Color (for PC) (2 flat colours Pantone)
Rotary logo in Black/White (for Macintosh)
Rotary logo in Black/White (for PC)
Rotary logo with drop shadow as EPS, CMYK [2.13 MB]

Logos for architectual and contour cutting

Rotary logo in DXF
Rotary logo in DWG
Rotary logo in EPS (contour)