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Happy end users are a pleasure to hear from. It is my firm belief that the contents of this Library seem to fit the needs of most users, but occasionally I am approached by Rotarians to assist and help design something new.
It may be for a Conference, a District or a Club. Or even your GSE Team. However, time is as always, in short supply and despite my own interests I also have a business to run and colleagues to consider. So to all of you who picked the right time to ask, I wish to say Thank You! Glad to be of service.
And to the unfortunate few - try again, remind me. I'm only human.

Yours in Rotary

Comments from the fortunate ones
with just the right timing...

A great idea!
Phil Morris is not only District Communication Officer and Past District Governor 2005-2006 of Rotary District 7690, he is also a considerate fellow Rotarian who came up with the simple (but great) idea that I create a button that all users of Graphics from the Library can use to link their website back to the Library! Phil, you a true friend I thank you for this.

So here it is: The Library Link Button.

(use the usual "point-mouse click-save as" trick to save it to your computer)

Thanks again Phil!


Helping Hands Club Project logo

Excellent job and nicely done. Tord, you are a great Rotarian who is always there to serve the clubs and Rotary. Regards and best wishes to you all.
Brenda Cresse
Past District Governor

"We'd like to work up a special local special projects logo for Rotary's Helping Hands Project (one of our club's Community Service projects) using this logo, adding our club name & "Helping Hands Project" to it.Can you help us?"
Richard Rowe, PR Officer,
Rotary Club of Kern River Valley,
District 5240



(Strangely I receive very little feedback from Swedish Rotarians, so this was a nice exception)

Hej Tord,
Tack för din fina logga som gjorde succé! Även det inkommande Teamet från
Brisbane, som anländer till Sverige den 3/5, använder sig av din logga
vilket ju är komplimang och bekräftelse.

Bästa hälsningar
Christer Lindén, Järfälla Kvarnen Rotaryklubb
GSE Team Leader till D 9630, Australia, Mars 2010

Christer was Team Leader for the Swedish GSE Team that visited D9630 Australia in March 2010. The pin that I designed (and delivered)seems to have been a hugh success and the logo was promptly adopted by the outbound Team from 9630... (I wonder if they will remember the Credit line..)


Charity Garden & Craft Festival Banner

Well you are truly amazing, but then I guess that’s your real talent and experience showing through.

Yours in Rotary,
Hugh Barnard, BSc MBA FCIOB PHF
President Elect 2010-11
Rotary Club of Basingstoke

The Rotary Club of Basingstoke host a Garden and Craft Festival in April and asked if they could use my graphics for a banner. I felt they deserved a little more for asking so politely, so I desided I should contribute to the Festival's sucess (fingers crossed) by treating them to this eye catching banner design.



This is absolutely FABULOUS!
I love it, love it, love it! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot wait to substitute it for all of the logos I have in all of the materials I have.It is RICH, and GORGEOUS, and WONDERFUL!It is more than I ever expected. How can I thank you? What do I owe you?I’m stunned and grateful and so excited. You have just made my day!!!
Does it come just in JPG or can it be a GIF as well? (just asking). I’d like to use it in the header of Frank Devlyn’s Polio web site I will most definitely give you credit everywhere I use it.

Harriett Schloer, PHF
District 5110 PolioPlus Chair (2009-2012)
For the District 5110 $1 Million Challenge
Executive Secretary for the Rotarian Action Group for Blindness Prevention
Executive Secretary for the International Fellowship of Rotarian Convention Goers
Member: 2010 RI Convention Promotion Committee (Montreal 2010)


Greetings from Southern California!
I am the Secretary for the Newport-Irvine Rotary Club.
I am trying to find a high quality Paul Harris Silhouette Image (300 DPI and above).
If that is too much trouble this image would be fine. (Preferably without the shadowing)

Any format will be fine. (PDF, TIFF, JPEG)Thank you for your help!
Yours in Rotary,
James Waddy

To overcome this shortage I have added some new silhouettes to the Paul Harris Fellow page.


From: Rotn Simon Hamilton, Rotary Club of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, UK

Dear Tord,

Congratulations on your Library of Graphics. I have started using the themes logos to advise newer members - and remind older members - of what has gone before, as part of our weekly e-newsletter. As a past president, I know how much a sense of our past helps us to move forward.

With kind regards,
Yours in Rotary
Simon Hamilton

We want to produce a large banner featuring the Rotary Means Business
logo and would appreciate a copy in the vector format or High Resolution jpg

Thanking you in anticipation.

PP David Dippie; Keilor RC D9800 Australia

Dear David
Thank you for asking.
However, I would like to point out that "Rotary for business" uses a Rotary Wheel in its mark without consent from Rotary International.
Likewise, there is no such thing as a "Rotary for business" logo. All Rotary
business and activities are conducted solely with the Rotary wheel as sign off. However, I did locate something that might work for you and I hope you are satisfied. I leave the responsibility to you and hope you give the issue at least some

Dear Rotarian Tord,
What a great service you are providing.
I am looking of the Birmingham 2009 Convention logo jpg file in higher resolution then the small gif RI has.
Dr. Robert Scott Steinberg, PHF
President, Rotary E-Club London Centenary

Well not only did Dr Bob get his logo, I also discovered the "Official" Convention logo had a couple of flaws that needed correcting. It's these small errors that can cause severe frustrations for those not able to spot them. That problem is now solved. Voilá, at your service. /Tord

... Now then, can you help me (again). We need a logo for my district's GSE...
... Recently I was asked whether there was a Rotary Logo for GSE....
... Custom GSE logo?

In response to this seemingly never ending question, I have decided to put together these proposals (see below) for a generic GSE logo to which both flags and District numbers can easily be added. Please let me know if you feel that these correspond to your needs and I shall post them on a page of thir own in the Library. And we can put this issue to rest...


Dear Tord:
Thank you for your logo design!
Excellent work!
I love the logo.

Dr. Edward Blender,
Chair: Rotary Centers Major Gifts Initiative
CIO: Disaster Relief Rotarian Action Group (DRRAG)
Health and Hunger Resource Group
A Jonathan's Ambassador

Stockholm International Rotary Club is a great fundraiser, despite the small membership base. One of their efforts is a huge support for the Phyllis Wambui Memorial Childrens Home in Kenya. This was a poster/badge I sponsered for a fundraiser luncheon.


What a fantastic logo you have designed! Everyone I have talked with think it is wonderful.
Please accept our thanks for your dedicated service to Rotary and to District 6960.

In Rotary Service
Gary Wilson PDG


Thank you for all the great work you do. Your dedication to Rotary
is truly exemplary. This will allow us to design a much more pleasing
backdrop for the ROTI booth at the LA Convention.

Ron Nethercutt
ROTI Chair 07-09
RC Clark Centennial D 3790
Angeles City, Philippines

Thanks to Rtn. Tord Elfwendahl,
We have used the graphics as per the following url for our Rotary Website Blog,
We really appreciate the great work done you. It is indeed on of its
kind on planet earth, serving rotarians worldwide. I have searched the
google and found your works outshine, rather is the only source for
rotary graphic. Congrats to you. Do visit our website, we are a club from India, Maharashtra,

Rtn Mahesh Malani
Rotary Club of Kolhapur Heritage

I am so pleased to learn that my District 6690 will be sharing a GSE with your District 2350 this Spring. Many years have gone by since Compuserve and the Rotarians Forum. I am still the Editor of my club's newsletter and I often use your wonderful graphics. Rotary International is fortunate to have your expertise and artistic skill.

Thanks for the help and I appreciate this opportunity to make contact again.

I hope you and all you love and who love you are well.

In Rotary Service and Fellowship,


Charles A. Turner, III
Past President, Whitehall/Bexley Rotary Club
893 Plum Ridge Road
Columbus, Ohio 43213

The above items were a part of he "kit" designed for the Swedish GSE Team visiting D6690.

Theme logo for 2008-09. The enhanced versions...

Dear Tord Elfwendahl,
It is a marvellous studio, which you have created at A fantastic project, which must have costed you a lot of your time.Please accept my compliments.The logos and graphics displayed have been, and shall be widely used, I am sure.
For a layman like me, the availability of proper images in a proper fromat was
always a problem. I was the editor of my clubs special issue of Rotary
Centennial Magzine in 2004-05. I had planned a special section in the magzine
for logos and themes of every Rotary year so far. It came out very well, and
very colorful too, but I had to sit on the computer for hours together, surfing
the net. (Most surprisingly, your site is on the net since 1995, but was not
reflected in search results.) Now I know where to search for the Rotary logos
and graphics.

Great Library you have.
With best regards,
Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma.
District Chair-PERG- Water,
RID 3040, India

Stockholm International Rotary Club and Stockholm Strand Rotary Club arranged a Multi-Club Workshop in Stockholm for Rotary Clubs from six countries. A tremendous boost for Club cooperation efforts. The workshop attendance was advertised with the help of this poster.

Once more extraordinary service.
Thank you.

Again, thank you… (http:///

Phil Morris, District Communication Officer
PDG 2005-2006Rotary District 7690,
Piedmont North Carolina
2207 Porsha Lane, High Point, NC 27265 USA336-887-7435,
Good bye Polio!
Thanks Rotary!

Mr. Bfwendahl,

I stumbled across your website -- Library -- and found much of what I've been looking for. Thank You!

All the best,
Incoming President of my Club -- The Rotary Club of Fishers, In.

Well done on this very useful page.
I have just been surfing the Web and have found it.
I will certainly be making use of it. Let me introduce myself – I am Malcolm C Smith the Secretary of Bonza Bay Rotary Club here in East London, South Africa, District 9320.

Yours in Rotary,
Malcolm C Smith
Secretary – Bonza Bay Rotary
072 359 2239

You are a genious !
Exceptional - my very grateful thanks for the poster which is excellent.
Please pass on the regards of Manningtree Stour Valley Rotary Club to your
members as well.
They are very lucky to have such a talented and helpful
person in their team.

Best regards:
Richard Blay,
Senior Manager HR Programmes,
UK Operations, HSBC Bank plc


I appreciate what you do for Rotarians by providing these excellent images

Steve Sokol

Dear Tord:
Firstly allow me the chance to thank you for the wonderful resource that you
provide with your Rotary Graphics Library.

I am the PR Chair of the Lake Union Rotary Club in Seattle WA. We are in
the process of forming/chartering our club and will be using Rotary graphics
as we develop our materials for this club. So your site will be of
significant assistance in this matter.

Matthew Stubbs
Lake Union Rotary
District 5030

Congratulations on your effort to put together the Rotary's one BIG TASK! More Power to you!

AG Ronan L. Nantes
Rotary Club of Sariaya

To: PHF, Past President Tord Elfwendahl

Dear Tord, Thank you for your efforts in designing and maintaining the Library of Graphics for Rotarians.

Yours in Rotary, PHF, PE. John Melville